Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

A garage door opener is prone to many problems but did you know you can save a lot of money by troubleshooting and repairing the garage door opener on your own? Garage door opener repair can be expensive especially when the repairs are needed frequently. So to save on the costs here is how you can troubleshoot your garage door opener and maybe even carry out garage door opener repairs on your own if they are simple repairs.

Troubleshooting your garage door opener

Before you get to do anything, it is imperative that you ensure your safety. Inform the people you live with that you are working on the garage door so that no one accidentally uses the remote to control the door as you work on it. Start by ensuring that the door works perfectly before troubleshooting the garage door opener itself. To do this pull the emergency release cord that puts your door into manual mode. Starting with your door closed, open it slowly to the top and return it down. The door should move easily and it should not be heavy. If it doesn’t move with ease then the problems could be with the springs, rollers or the track rather than the opener.

If the problem is not with the door itself then it is with the opener. Very few problems will necessitate a new garage door opener installation since many problems can be repaired with ease. For complex problems you should seek the services of a garage door repair company. Before doing any repairs to the garage door opener ensure that it is unplugged from the power source. Also always work on the garage door when it is down rather than when it is open.


The repairs to be done depend on the issues that you find with your garage door opener. Some of the problems you might find include; the wall switch doesn’t work while the remote does, the wall switch works but the remote doesn’t, motor moves the trolley carriage but the door doesn’t open, the motor doesn’t stop after the door is completely closed, and so many others.